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    Default The Best Leather Boots

    We are buying all of our members leather fireground boots and would like to hear your opinion on the best for people with high arches, arthritis, or other foot issues. We value your opinion and thank you for your response.



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    Have you done a search of the forum here and read through the posts about leather fire boots? You'll find that the topic has been discussed before. If you read through and don't see an answer for what you are looking for, re-post with it and someone will try to answer.

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    I don't think that you are going to find that any one manufacturer will provide the solution that you are looking for. If someone has 'that serious' of a foot condition- fallen arches, flat feet, etc... then they probably have orthotic inserts that they wear in their own personal shoes.

    I don't know of any fire boot manufacturers that sell this already in their boots.

    You may just reccomend to the individual in question that they remove the orthotic inserts from their 'street shoes' while they are gearing up and put them in their bunker boots.

    That may hinder response time - time to gear up. You could recommend that they purchase a 2nd set of inserts - but that may be cost prohibitive for them.

    hope this helps....

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