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    Default How to get started in an entry level position

    I am a civilian looking to join the firefighting ranks here in Georgia. I am not military, nor do I have any specialized training (other than an expired CPR card from a few years back).

    What do I need to do to make myself stand out from the rest of the applicants applying for the same limited amounts of jobs.

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    Best bet is to find a volly dept and join, that way you can get some expierence under your belt. Its not an end all solution but it will help.

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    Another good step is to start taking some classes for firefighter, and maybe EMT as well. Unfortunately you might find that many other applicants are already FF2, EMT or Paramedic, and have a little experience. This doesn't leave you dead in the water, though, as the oral board gives YOU the individual chance to shine, to sell yourself and to make YOU stand out from the others, if you can do that. Do yourself a favor and find every posting here by CaptBob. Read his thoughts about the topics he writes on. Apply to the departments you want to, and think about the oral board process. Be looking into the classes, too. Good luck, and let us know how things work out!
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