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    Angry fire prevention & safety grant

    Am I correct in the directions for the grant that the 10% applicant share is figured on the total dollar value of the project not the amount of money you are asking for?

    The reason I'm asking is if you have a project that costs $50,000 (and you have no other dollars towards this project) your share (10%) would be $5000.

    Now, a different dept. has the same $50,000 project but they have secured other funding in the amount of say 25,000 so they would be aasking for a grant of $25,000 but being that the total project cost is $50,000 they would still pay a 10% sahre of $5000?

    What say the experts? The help line told me it's on the total project cost.


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    That is correct..... The local share is 10% (10 % for population under 50,000 and 30% for over 50,000) of the total project costs.

    So if the total project is 50,000.
    Federal Share is 45,000.00
    Local Share is 5,000.00

    In your example, even though the other department has 25,000 raised, they would only be required to put in their 10% match of 5,000.00.

    Hope this helps.

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