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    Thumbs up Firehouse Kitchen Tables

    We all know that the problems of the world and so many important issues are handled in a large part at our kitchen tables in the station. I have seen some really nice decorated kitchen tables in firehouses before with company logo's and saying's on them. I was wondering if any of you have pics of your tables to give me some ideas and if by any chance anyone has maybe say a step by step guide for dummies on how to build one. I wouldnt make a pimple on a carpenters butt. Thanks

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    I visited a few San Francisco stations while on vacation there a few years back, and saw one very old table.

    This station had a picture on the wall of the crew sitting at the kitchen table circa 1920's or 30's, and when I turned around I saw the same table still sitting in the middle of the kitchen!

    This sucker was solid wood about 6" thick and the legs were so stout you probably would have had to work one with a chainsaw for a good while to get through it. One of the guys told me it's so heavy it probably hasn't moved since before that old picture was taken!

    Anyone else have an old table like that in their station? If only they could talk...
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    Laddah 23 in Bohsten has one made outt'a wicked thick oak! Nicely decahrated too.

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    Default Kitchen Tables


    If you have a little time to spare, there was a post on these forums about a year or so ago about firehouse kitchen tables. I don't remember who started the thread, but I do know that there were pictures of some very elaborate tables, still in use around the country.
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