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    Default How long do you have to wait?

    Sorry if I missed any discussion of this in previous threads. I am wondering how long it typically takes for a prospective member to complete the application process? Is it any shorter if the prospective member has recently moved to the area and is transfering from another department?

    Here is why I am asking. I recently moved, and am joining a new department. I passed the background check first, then filled out an application, was accepted by the company, and have now passed my physical. That process took 2.5 months. I have been told it will probably be some time in December before I am officially in the department and able to respond/ride.

    Further background on me. Seven years in another volunteer department, FF-I, heavy rescue, ladder co. ops, haz-mat ops, technical rescue, etc.

    Thanks in advance for your response.

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    It varies from dept to dept. Once you complete the paperwork (which can vary by a lot), some places with let you jump right into training and maybe some level of response. Others don't let you do anything until you have completed some or all of their training.
    With the last department I joined, although I was able to attend training right away, I couldn't respond for several months because I had to wait for HAZMAT and infectious control classes.
    In my first department, after some quick orientation, I was able to respond immediately after I was sworn in (granted that was as a probie, with a short leash to someone who knew what they were doing, but I was still going on calls).

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    Default Transfering


    As sponge indicated, it depends on the Department you are going into.
    I have transferred into two Departments over the years, and because I'm in a rural area, many of the Departments I transferred into knew me and knew that I had many training classes under my belt and my interior classification. I was allowed to respond and do interior attack as soon as I was voted in.
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