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    Question Portable Traffic Signal Preemption

    I would like opinions on this emmitter. Any comments/suggestions are welcome! Tim


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    I do have some insight through experience with these type things. Unlike their claims, this is not high tech never before seen on earth technology. It isn't complicated. You blink a stupid light 14 times per second and the light changes. There is nothing space age about it. 15 watts is not a major advancement either. Most self contained dash strobes are 15 watts or more except the cheapos.

    The infrared filter also isn't anything special. Thats been around for a while with the opticom. It does reduce the effective range however you gain the advantage of stealth. If you can't use clear lights, the filter removes the visible light factor at the cost of range. Infrared filters are not expensive nor hard to manufactur.

    Bearing the above in mind, it is INSULTING that they charge almost $600.00 for that piece of plastic with strobe light in it. Do you have ANY idea the profit they are making on that thing!! Like I said, it is insulting.

    For several hundred less, you can pick up this one:

    Stil a pretty penny but a lot less than the others. You might have to come up with your own IR filter if so desired.
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