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    Question Can anyone help??

    I have a few questions that hopefully someone can give me some advice on! I was a volunteer/paid on call firefighter in a small town in MN for over a year. I was trying to get on the city of Minneapolis fire dept. And at that time they were having lay off's because of MN budgit cuts. So only beint 19 at the time I decided to enlist in the Air Force. Hoping to get a job as a firefighter. Well my recruiter screwed me out of that job, and I am now an aircrew egress tech. (work on ejection seats on F-15's) I truly have a passion for firefighting, and want to get on a dept full time. I have 3 years left in the AF. I'm wondering if it would be a good idea to apply at some depts now being it takes so long for the hiring process? And if there is anyone out there that knows about how to crosstrain in the AF before your normal time limit? Or if anyone knows any way I can get out of the military early for a job as a civillian? I have heard a few things, and am just wondering on how I can get back into firefighting, and a job that I really love! Any help/links/advice would be great!
    Trevor White

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    I know that it may be frustrating that things are not working out as you have hoped. I have a few suggestions for you. Look into the Minnesota Air National Guard or Wisconson. I believe that you can have an early out for many reasons but Palace Chase is one of the easiest. I dont know how many years it requires to be elligible, but talk to a Guard unit and i'm sure that they can help you. You may also want to look into changing AFSC's after you become elligible to do so. If firefighting is what you want go for it, but you may have a greater chance of getting hired if you go into the medical field in the AF that way you will have your paramedic when you get out and you will have your veterans preferance points to give you a boost. Talk to recruitment and retention for the Active duty as well as the Air National Guard. Im not to familiar with the USAF Reserves but they may have some advice as well.

    Pat Dunn

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    I agree with Pat in terms of changing where you are. I would also normally agree about the paramedic thing, IF that's something you want to do. There are probably Guard people out there who can get you where you want to be, and firefighter positions must be available. I wouldn't think leaving the military is something you should do once you've already committed, even if they haven't kept their end of the bargain yet. Look into options as Pat said, and good luck! Let us know where you end up. Take care
    Of course, that's just my opinion. I could be wrong
    Dennis Miller

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    A quick note in the Minneapolis Fire Department. I believe that you need to be a resident of the city to apply (that is how is was last time they offered a test). Always apply at every fire department you would consider working for and go from there.

    Good luck.

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    Cool Being in the military

    Hi I'm SSgt. Kraner I'm in the South Dakota Air National Guard out of Sioux Falls. I am currently at the Goodfellow AFB Tx. at there fire school. I to have had a struggle with the military i did not get my fire fighting at the guard level till a year ago and i was able to cross train. The best thang that i can say is that when you sit down with your supervisors for your evaluations that you let them know what you want to do. Once your in so long you are able to cross train which is what i'm doing. Some other people also suggested the guard that or active duty can some times switch to the reserve after so long. There is a reserve unit in wisconsin. The training that i am recieving from the military for fire fighting is every thang and more to help me get a full time job in the real world. I would suggest talking with your supervisor and letting him know that you have a passion for fire fighting and a good supervisor would do what they can to help you out. The air force needs fire fighters weather it be active guard or reserve. If there is any thang that i can do you can email me at krantrain69@hotmail.com I wish you luck
    Sincerly SSgt Matt Kraner

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    Default this should help

    In had the same exact problem. In the navy with 3 years left wondering should i apply or just wait. My advise would be to apply anywhere u can at this point and time. The process is never a 3 month evolution. On the average it takes about 3 to 6 months from the day you submit the application to the day you get hired. Not all deptartment, but on the average. Yes u will run into the situation of being hired by a dept with time left in the military but worry about that when the time comes. A lot of departments form a list of personell according to how they ranked on the exam. In the meanwhile start getting your resume together and take 100% advantage of the employment resource center on base. A lot of info and assistance available to you that a lot of military personnel do not take advantage of. Unfortunately this is not a job thats going to be waiting for you when you depart the military on friday and start your fire dept shift on monday. It going to take some risk taking and its well worth it. Start saving up your leave for terminal leave. This give u sometime to search and still get paid. Keep your certifications current. Join a volley company and continue to to train. Good Luck..................
    Howard County Fire Rescue
    U.S Navy 1992-1998

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    Default Military

    The first thing that I can say to you is to make the best out of what you have and what you are doing at this present time in the Military. Everything that you do not will follow you forever.
    I was active duty as an Air Force Firefighter/EMT and I must say I would have retired from the Air Force but the Department I was at kinda sucked. The reason it was harder for you to get in as a firefighter is because most of the Air Force Firefighter positions are being taken over by civilians. Some bases are only civilian staffed. The department that I was at was half and half with a civilian fire chief. Let me tell you the GI's got screwed on a daily bases due to the chief did not like the Military members.
    I was alot like you and went into the Air Force with the highest dreams with all intent to get out an get a full time job. I hated the department and attempted everything to get out or transfer, it never happen. I was at the same department for the whole commitment, not even TDY. I made the best at what I had and obtained everything from a degree to every IFSAC certification offered except two. The Military can not deny you training, I had to find that out with a fight to the General. I was more certified than the chief himself.
    I made it all about me and went after what I wanted. I am sorry to say but I don't think that you are going to get palace chase as I only seen one person get that and she had difficulties in life itself plus she worked close to the commander.
    The best thing for you to do is to join a volunteer department and obtain everything you can. I obtained my EMT through the base hospital and other training through the local departments/organizations. I am unsure where you are stationed but you should have a volunteer department close. Get involved in any kind of emergency services you can.
    The best time to apply is about 6 months before you get out as most process take about that time. Plus when you start applying you will need to get a DD 215/216 (something like that, it is like a DD 214 but it is used when you are on active duty still). I started my leave 2 days before 9-11 and never got called back. I had 5 fire department offers within 2 months of being out. All where in or around a big city. For one just having the Military with an Honorable Discharge shows alot. Go after your degree from the Community College of the Air Force then start on your BA from the College on base. Additional schooling shows that you are willing to continue education without being forced. Get involved in being an instructor for CPR with the Red Cross on base. This is another certification that shows your desire. Trust me every little thing dealing with emergency services helps.
    When you are about to get out make sure you attend the 3 day transistion phase on base (they provide alot of information and your unit can not deny you the opportunity to go to it). Use the services on base as to better yourself in interviews, filling out applications and resume. It is never to early to start preparing for the future.
    If you would like more information on where and how to help with your goals feel free to contact me at fire225@hotmail.com.
    Best of luck to you and continue pressing on.

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