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    Default California Fires!!!!!!

    Check out this link from space:


    Captain Bob


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    THIS LINK WAS SENT TO ME, and I'd like to pass it on to whomever would like to see...The California Fires(slideshow)


    I would also like to share a poem I wrote on 11/10/03. Regarding California fires...it's called:


    Smoke inhalation, sweltering degrees, and the fires ablaze through California's houses and trees...
    The raging inferno, as it burns it thrives, taking with it, many innocent lives...
    Firefighters exhausted, giving everything they've learned, to put out and diminish, before anything else gets burned...
    The aftermath, a devastating sight, of skeletal remains, have charred structures, black as night...
    The deaths, the destruction, created by a single flame, a man made disaster, are the only fools to blame...
    The lives that are scarred, will never forget those memories, give us strength, oh lord, to push towards the future please...
    As the people come together, to back each other, to start off new, their lives, have changed forever, in given time, they'll all come through...
    Taking it step by step, through each and everyday, don't give up, just look ahead, thank God, your here today.

    Author...Denise R. Rojas...11/10/03.
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