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    Question Hose dummy

    Can someone please help me i need plans on how to construcr a hose dummy. I relize it was in the jan. issue of fire house, but mine walked off any help would be greatly appericated.

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    Thumbs up hose dummy

    I have the jan issue of firehouse if u want i could fax it to u or some how get it to u.

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    Here's a picture from another thread:

    This is from IFSTA's Instructor's manual 5th Ed, on page 311:

    Hose "A" Rescue Manikin (there are two figures which I cannot scan in right now)

    1. Straight roll 10 (3m) feet of 3-inch (77 mm) hose and secure with bolt to form head.

    (note: use 1/4 x 4-inch [6 mm by 100 mm] stove bolts with nuts on inside.)

    2. Drill hose at center of 50-foot (15 m) section of 3-inch (77 mm) hose and attach to head with bolt.

    To form torso, fold half of 50-foot (15 m) section about 8 inches (200 mm) wide (shoulder) and about 33 inches (840 mm) long (abdomen) and 8 inches (200 mm) (hip) from outside toward center. Accordion fold remaining hose inside. Fold the other half in the same manner. Secure folds by bolting flakes together starting at the center.

    3. Attach legs by inserting the center of 17 feet (5.2 m) of 3-inch (77 mm) hose through the bottom loop of torso and fold remaining hose about 32 inches (815 mm) long and toward inside and bolt together.

    4. Fold 12 feet (3.7 mm) of 2 1/2-inch (65 mm) hose at center and attach to shoulder area with bolt. Fold remaining hose about 26 inches (660 mm) long and toward inside and bolt together for arm.

    5. Add gloves, boots, coverall,s sweatshirt, hood, or ski mask.
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