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    Default Certified Fire investigators

    I am just courious how many volunteer depts have State Certified Fire Investigators on their department. If you do, how did you sell the higher ups on sending them for the training? I am wanting to go for the training and get certified but not sure I can sell the trustees to cover the cost of the classes, and housing and that stuff. We don't run that many fires (130) a year. PLease help me out if anyone has had to sell the idea. Thanks Darin

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    Yogi, while I am not a volunteer,I am a CFI. Do you have available investigators that can respond in a timely manner? Do you have enough fires to justify the cost? Are you going to become part of a regional task force? Are you going to stay with your department after you get certified? Will you be able to develop,use and hone your skills with your present department or investigation team? These are some of the things you should ask yourself prior to goingto the Board. having said that, I wish you well. It is a very interesting facet of the fire service and you SHOULD pursue it.

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