TIJUANA, Mexico (AP) - Firefighters have brought all but one of
the 30 wildfires burning in Mexico under control, and hundreds of
people evacuated near Ensenada have been allowed to return home, an
emergency official said Tuesday.
The fires started this weekend, in part because of unattended
campfires and intense heat.
Two began after fires in California jumped the border, burning
unpopulated forests. One of those fires, near Otay, was under
control Monday. The other, near Tecate, was still burning but had
also been brought under control, emergency official Raymundo
Noriega said.
As a precaution, firefighters began constructing a fire break
near Tecate to prevent the spread of more fires.
Firemen were still fighting a fire burning at a trash dump near
Ensenada. Two people were killed Sunday when they were trapped in
their burning home, one of about 15 Ensenada houses destroyed by
the fire.
Smoke from the blazes forced authorities to order schools to
remain closed Wednesday for a second day, and authorities in
Tijuana advised residents to remain indoors, wear surgical masks
and keep doors and windows closed.

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