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    Angry Grant Equipment = Easy Target

    You know, fire department's use a lot of specialized equipment, but we also use some pretty common tools. Tools that the everyday, run-of-the-mill criminal eye as a potential stack of money, or fix of their latest drug of choice.

    Well that's what happened to us recently.

    I just thought I would let as many people as possible know, that even though you think your stuff is safe behind locked doors and restricted access areas, it's not!

    Those of you who are receiving grants and new equipment, pay special attention to what you get that could be used by the average Joe.

    I suggest you deface your equipment with your name as many places as possible, paint your generators, saws and handtools some gosh-awful really ugly color, and always, always keep serial numbers and propety tags.

    It may not help curb the appeal of your equipment in the eye of the criminal (at least it didn't this time), but who knows about the next.

    Here's our story.....

    Grant me the strength to change things I can, accept what I can't, and to know the difference.

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    Sounds like it's about time to load up some whoop ***** in the tanks and go hunting. Remember: use shotgun, your aim doesn't have to be as good.

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