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    Thumbs up Breathing Air Compressors, SCBA

    Thanks to FEMA, we are going to be able to purchase a compressor for our SCBA cascade system. Does anyone have any comments or recommendations about a particular brand or model compressor. We are a small rural department in New Hampshire. We really do not need a large, city sized unit but we would like one that would be very dependable and last us many years.

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    Look at Poseidon Air Systems in Colchester, Vermont: 802-862-0051. We've been very happy with ours.
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    Depends on your scba psi. Their is a BIG price jump from 5000 psi to 6000 psi compressors. Max Air, american airworks have basically the same fast 90 compressor for $7800 to 8200. That will take you to the 4500 bottle pressure just fine. Add a 3-5 bottle cascade system, regulators,etc and a 2 bottle class 2 fill station (nfpa requirement) and you can be up and running for under 14K. Bauer and poseiden are great too. We found max-air to be the best bang for the buck.
    Next -single phase od 3 phase power and 50 or 60 cycle. The 3 phase is less if you have the wiring. Look for V.F.D discounts- max-air give you 10% except on the fill stations.
    Shop around lots of used stuff on the air compressor web sites.
    Shipping can be expensive as the stuff weighs alot.
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    Poseidon Air Systems , wehave had ours for several years now and have no complaints. A nice and very user friendly unit.
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    Do not buy an Diesel Eagle Air compressor. They are a piece of junk. We have had trouble with ours since we recieved it in 1996.

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