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    Question Smoke detector program

    We've recently received a shipment of smoke detectors from the State. We'd like to get these to the people who actually need them the most, those who aren't able to afford them or install them. Just wondering if any of you have a successful program and if you have any requirements like age or income. We don't want to be judgemental, nor do we want to miss helping those that really need it. Any tips would be appreciated.

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    Check with your local social service agencies as a means to identify those who would need it most. Our program utilizes local churches and parishes as they are an excellent resource. They can refer you to seniors who live alone, shut ins as well as the mentally ill. All high risk groups who usually don't have anyone to install a smoke alarm or even tell them they need one.
    Good luck!!

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    We have a great program. We received a large amount off dectectors through a grant. We then advertised in senior newspapers that we would install smoke detectors for free. This was only available for senior citizens and ones that where incapable installing there own. We had huge successes with it. We even started a battery replacement program to go along with it. We kept a list of every house we installed detectors in. At the beginning of each month we look back and see who is due for new batteries. Then we call them up and set a date to come out and replace the batteries. We gained huge public support with this.
    2 Notes
    1. We make people sign a wavier for damage and liability.
    2. You will always have people that will abuse it. Case in point, one time we where installing for someone who was more then capable of purchasing and installing their own. (Over 65 but still running a pluming business) Since turning them down was going to be worse then just installing them we went ahead and replaced there detectors. (I forgot to mention that we replace old detectors too.) I had their old ones down and new ones up when there son came home. She told her son that he should take the old ones since they had a newborn.
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    had their old ones down and new ones up when there son came home. She told her son that he should take the old ones since they had a newborn.
    Oh ... my ... GOD! Unfrickingbelievable!!

    Great work though guys!
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