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    Post Spartan Big Easy

    We are looking at purchasing a new Spartan Big Easy and were wondering if anyone was having any problems with them. Or anything we should be aware of. Hampton Fire Rescue, Hampton, New Brunswick.

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    Cant say anything about a Big Easy, but I can tell you our '94 gladiator tower truck has worked great so far. No sign of any failure in the cab and the drvetrains never had any glitches.

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    I am a fire truck designer and work in sales for the manufacturer, as well. We have built on several chassis and the Big Easy is a nice economical chassis. It is also very well built. The worst part about it is the name. It sounds like a heavy prostitute.

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    We are looking for a rescue-pumper and have looked at
    1. HME SFO
    2. E-One
    3. Darley on a Spartan Big Easy

    All 3 are good trucks, but with the exception of the HME SFO, what I see out there is a bigger is better mentality. The HME was the quietest, handled the best, most manueverable and is the least expensive of the 3. We will also look at/evaluate a LaFrance custom cab for rescue pumper application.

    The Spartan Big Easy was by far the loudest truck, especially with the jake engaged.

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