OK, we now have people bashing the Fire Service. Numerous times, on these Forums, we get the new members asking all kinds of questions, trying to visualize what they have gotten themselves into.

How many new applicants, in your Department, make the grade and become first rate firefighters?

How many applicants does your Department turn down? (excluding the obvious)

There is a job for everyone in the Fire Service, but not everyone is cut out for every job. Some members don't like (or can't do) the interior work. Some may not like the sights and sounds of what is seen and heard at some incidents. Some may have backgrounds in financial aspects, fundraising, grant writing, truck driving, pump operations, EMS, public relations, etc..

As long as new applicamts can make the grade in the required training for membership, do you encourage these individuals to join your Department?

This question, by no means, tries to DISCOURAGE membership, especially in volunteer Departments where membership is dwindling.

Maybe some of the individuals who have been bashing the Fire Service lately should sign on with their local Department and see for themselves what it takes and what is given up by the dedicated members of the greatest fraternal organization in the world. See what it is like to be part of a TEAM.