Your Help is needed. Lon Miller is a 32 year old Fire Prevention Officer for Mountain View Fire District in Longmont, Colorado. Lon was recently diagnosed with Lou Gerhigs Disease (ALS). This is a terminal disease and has progressed very rapidly. Lon's Father was diagnosed several years ago and passed away six months after his diagnosis. Lon's is progressing faster than his fathers.
Lon is married and has three children: Zach who is 9, Mary who is 4 and Ellie is one. Mountain View Professional Firefighters is holding a benefit for Lon on November 15th in Mead, Colorado. The goal is to raise $4000.00 for Lon's Medical insurance deductible for this year (2003) and next Year (2004). Your help would be greatly appreciated. You can send your donations to:
Mountain View Professional Firefighters
9119 County Line Road
Longmont, CO 80501

All monetary donations are tax deductible.

You’re Brother,
Dean Street
Colorado Springs Fire Department