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    Default The Elections are over ...

    I was just wondering how everyone made out in there local elections. Was there a large change over in your area or was it status quo. We lost a fire department freindly (mayor) but gained a fire friendly council. One thing that was very true in my neck of the woods was that people wanted a change in goverment...(75%)... turnover. Anyone else see this trend?
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    Our democratic incumbent First Selectman won 'cause the Republican votes got split between a well qualified challenger & a petitioning candidate.

    In a nutshell, the outcome of this election sets up the *very* real possibility that our town will shift from Town-wide funding of fire protection to having two independent tax districts.

    While Fire Districts are great for Fire Departments, they're not great for taxpayers. Once a District is in place, the Fire Chief has no meaningful political oversight as district meetings are generally friends & family affairs. We'll go from a town-wide mill rate of 1 mill for fire protection, to having two districts each at 3-4 mills -- some of that increase from inefficiencies like sending district tax bills, some from inefficiencies like having to split the single townwide fire department liability insurance policy into two. And some of that increase from Fire Chiefs who no longer have to work with a Board of Selectmen, Board of Finance, and Town Meeting and instead have a few friends & family show up at district meetings to rubber stamp budgets.

    The winning incumbent just doesn't comprehend the issues involved, while I know the losing Republican understands that dynamic intimately.

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    We had 2 2 emergency service levys on the ballots

    one was for 24 hour staffing on weekends for EMS

    the other was a safety levy fo the Fire side, to keep our stuff up to date.

    Both passed!!

    The school had a levy which failed

    We still have the same mayor as usual.

    Not much here changed as elected officials

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    Default An Excellent Day!

    Our current Mayor decided not to run again, so we had 2 candidates running. One is rumoured to be very against the PD and the FD. The other candidate is a past Chief of our Department and very well liked by PD. Somehow, the good guy actually won! We also replaced a fire friendly councilman with another fire friendly councilman. As an added bonus, our LOSAP program was approved also.

    It was a great day for us!
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    Our two town council positions that were up for election remain the same, we now have a new town supervisor (democrat)who I dont know much about, kind of a dark horse in the campaign, not too much campaining. Our previous supervisor ran for re-election and was defeated in the primarys but still managed to get her name on the ballot as an independant. So for now I know the town council remains status quo, somewhat fire departmemt friendly, it remains to be seen how the supervisor will vote.
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    Thumbs up Election Day

    I think the best news that I heard come out of November 4th is that Houston (TX) Fire Fighters will have Collective Bargaining. Finally the city must deal or things will be dealt for them.

    In Fairfax County, not a bad show at all. Out of the 32 races that the Local endorsed people in, we only lost 5.
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