We are far from completing it, but it is up and running and we are having fun with our new website. It is hard to get information, but we are getting there. There are some great pictures of the recent natural gas plant explosion. The only bad part of it is that you cannot see the back side. In the back ground we have a complete training records section for our members; we can edit the site within the site. We dont need to know how html works. We can upload pictures and members can login and sign up for training classes. Its cool and it was very inexpensive.

The site is at http://www.pinegrovevfd.org

There have been allot of negative things happen with in our department, and we have had a complete turn over within our department and trying to get back on our feet. We are also in need of help, just as many are. When you look at the pictures, you will have to understand that this was a whole county response. We have 21 members no and are only able to outfit 8 of those people. We have 4 minitors and 2 portable radios. We operate on a negative budget every year. What I mean by that is we have had 10,000 this year and the truck payment was 12,000. So we walk into each year as a negative. We are also primary response for 2 other towns for extrication.

Our community has about 1,000 people and 80% elderly, so we do not have a huge pool to draw from. I spent 10 years as paid for a fairly large department and my new business had moved me to where I am now. I have spoken to helpingourown.org, but have gotten nowhere. I came into the department too late to apply for grants and it is rather difficult to get things together. I know alot of departments are in the same or worse situations and I now have a whole new out look on the fire service.

I have to tell you the explosion could have been worse, but after this has happened I don't know where else to turn too. If you want to know more or can help, please let me know. While Im on the band wagon here, we do have gear that we cannot use, but I have to either do some selling on ebay or get something in return. We have 14 minitor 2's with chargers and they are set at;

33.7800 and 33.7200

Tones are 2361 Hz 1403 Hz and some have additional 1287 Hz

We also have MT 1000's

4 have chargers and some have no batteries But over all I think we have 10 at the above Freq's

I also have 3 Motorola Radius with mic's But no power cords. They are also set at the above freq's.

We need some pagers, and a mobile radio.

Our freq's are;

Primary 46.1800
Fire ground 46.2200
Talk around 46.3200

Our Hz are


Whatever anyone can do would be great. Please contact me directly.

The site is at http://www.pinegrovevfd.org

Stay safe and you are all in our prayers.Our Site

Captain Pine Grove VFD