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    Question Intake relief valves

    I saw it here somewhere ?? I'll ask again. We have our new 5" and now to put it to use. Our hydrant pressure can range from 140 PSI to 50 Psi static, depending where you are in town. How do you adjust your intake relief valves? Adjust each time you set up? Adjust for the highest psi hydrant and leave it?

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    Our intake relief valve is set at 150psi. Our highest hydrant pressure EVER was 85psi. The IRV has come into use only with other trucks supplying us. We have had cases where operators were sending us 200+psi in a 5" supply line.
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    Ours are set at the max..we have some hydrants that are 150 to 160 PSI...we also have a few that have pressures as low as 30 PSI!
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    I believe we are also @ 150 ish .......we dont have a hydrant in our area that will give us anywhere near that.
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