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    Default MCC Student Question. . .

    I apologize if this is the improper forum for these questions. I am a student a Mesa Community College. I'm considering pursuing a career in rescue work. Currently I am writing a report for an English class were I am researching Maricopa County emergency workers and procedures. I have a few questions that I hope someone can answer for me.

    1- How does the dispatch know which firehouse engines to send to a particular incident? Is it location to the incident?

    2- If more than one engine is required will the dispatch send engines from different houses, or multiple form the same firehouse?

    3- Are engines required to have there sirens and lights on going to an incident (ie if the engine is the second one coming from a firehouse will both engines have sirens and lights on)?

    4- Is a degree in Fire Science required to become a fire fighter?

    Thank you for your help.


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    If you are specifically researching Maricopa County emergency services, I would suggest contacting them directly. If you stopped by their headquarters, or perhaps one of their stations, someone would be happy to answers all of your questions.

    However, if you want input from other places... I'm happy to help.

    1. Each fire company in my area has a set response district. That company will be sent to any calls that occur in that area if they are available. If they are busy, firefighters from the nearest response district are sent.

    2. With a rare exception, stations in my area usually have only one staffed engine company. So, dispatch will have to send engines from different houses to calls that require more than one engine company.

    3. If a piece of apparatus is responding to a priority incident, they must have both lights & sirens activated. Lights & sirens are a sign to other drivers to yield the right of way. If the second rig from a station were to respond without lights & sirens, other motorists would not have to yield to it... and that would obviously be a dangerous situation.

    4. Depends on the department. I don't personally know of any FD in my area that requires a degree. However, I've been told Shreveport, La. requires some college credit before or within a certain period after they hire you. My city pays $100 extra per month for a bachelor's degree and $50/month for having an associate's.

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    1. The new E-911 systems automaticly pull up a map with the callers address and other info that could be usefull, as far as how do they know which station gets the call that varies depending on the setup of the fire service there, but it basicly boils down to each dept has its assigned coverage area, and each station in that dept. has its zone that they respond to. There is a lot more detail that can go into it but thats the very basic version.

    2. That depends on what apparatus is stationed in the house, and the depts. SOP's

    3. There again that is very dependant on dept SOP's if it is an emergent run lights and sirens should be used. However the SOP in my dept for activated fire alarms is the first due engine runs emergent and the follow on apparatus run non emergent. Like I said it all depends on the dept SOP's

    4. A Fire Science degree is not required, will it help you out, definately.
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