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    Default Primetime Live Special on Nightclubs

    Well - for once - I can say that I wasn't angered by yellow journalism - and I am proud to say that ABC didn't try and pin the problem on the fire service.

    All in all - I think that the program brought attention to the problem. The problem is a general lack of safety -- not only fire safety, but life safety that exists throughout the country.
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    I just sat ther shaking my head as the musician from the KISS cover band explained that they stopped using pyro after the Station Fire,

    Then they showed him the tape.

    Then he tried to explain that he only used pyro in clubs with sprinklers,

    Then they showed him the tape.

    Then he tried to pass the buck saying "someone" screwed up, but never taking the responsibility for his own show.

    As FFMcDonald has said, I think the segment showed that this is a widespread problem in the entire industry. Both the bands who continue to use these items, and the owners who let this happen in their bars need to be held responsible. The Texas bar owner who said "We had extra fire extinguishers available for that band" is missing the point entirely. He figured it was OK to exceed the club capacity, and use dangerous wall coverings if he kept a few extra fire Extinguishers around.

    Obviously some serious education and additional enforcement is still required.
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