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Thread: Common Sense

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    Default Common Sense

    I know I am preaching to the choir - but please listen:

    What is wrong with the general public?? Are people really that stupid?

    Do people not realize how deadly fire is until they are confronted by it firsthand?
    They block fire exits, move fire extinguishers, decorate in a manner that is deadly --

    I used to think that people had common sense - that they could tell right from wrong.
    I have seen people do some downright dangerous things -- WHAT WERE THEY THINKING??

    Maybe it is that we are in the fire service - and that we have a trained eye - and can see these things. How many of you walk into a building and begin to look for a secondary exit, fire extinguishers, see if the building is sprinklered, etc...
    I used to not do this - but have since about the second year I was a volunteer firefighter.

    Ever go out to a public venue and tell yourself, "this place is an accident waiting to happen..." and you notice several code violations.

    What is that the general public doesn't see??
    Do they "not care" - are they ignorant? Are we failing in our role of fire prevention?


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    In the days after the Station fire, Providence FD was getting 2-3 anonymous calls a night on the weekends from people reporting overcrowded clubs.

    The last such call I know of was back in July/August.

    Have the clubs stopped packing people in? Maybe.

    Has the public stopped paying attention? Good possibility.

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    Ever go out to a public venue and tell yourself, "this place is an accident waiting to happen..." and you notice several code violations.
    Oh yes! I went to a dancehall with my wife and some friends one night. It was packed.. I mean really packed. To give you an idea... it was so hard to get around in there that people stopped trying to go throw thier beer bottles in the trash.. they just dropped em on the floor. From the time you walked in the door, to everywhere you went... you were constantly squeezing between people. We didn't stick around long at that place, and have not been back since.

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    Common Sense? What's that?......
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    Common Sense….. or the almighty dollar ?

    Awhile back, my wife and I went out with a couple of friends. We stopped in to the local bar, who happened to have a DJ that night. My friends are both paid firefighters, and this bar is right next to the local police and fire stations.
    We had parked out back, so naturally went in the back door. The place was very crowded and very noisy. Trying to find a place to stand, all the bar stools and chairs had been removed, the only place with enough room for the six of us was over by the DJ and the front door. As we stood and tried to chat amongst the noise, I went to step outside for a breath of fresh air, and low and behold,the front door was locked. Now there had to be 125 people in this establishment, which probably had a legal occupancy of 80 – 100. One of my friends mentioned something to the bartender about this situation, and a few minutes later, the owner came over to talk to my friend. The owner said that the constant opening and closing of the front door was bothering the DJ, so he locked the door. After being informed of the consequences if something were to happen inside, the owner reluctantly unlocked the door.
    I have no idea how many times this has happened in the past or if it continues today, but owners and operators of establishments like this only think of the almighty dollar, and the belief that it always happens to someone else, and not them. Now this is a relatively small town, so it doesn’t just happen in the big cities.
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    Default huh???

    Common sense??????????????? Never heard of it, what kinda new critter is it? JK
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    Default Some miscellaneous ramblings. . .

    Whenever I'm out I'm checking my surroundings. My wife elbows me regularly and tells me to quit doing fire inspections. She knows I can't help it, and I know she's just kidding.

    If most jurisdictions are like my town, fire inspections are as much about educating the public as it is about correcting code violations.

    For the most part it's not a common sense thing. Most people honestly don't think it will happen to them, so they have no "reason" to find out what's dangerous and what's not. The fire service does a pretty poor job of teaching, too (for the most part).

    Building and fire codes make much more sense when you learn about the reasons that particular regulations exist. How often does the public get exposed to stories about the Triangle Shirtwaist, Cocoanut Grove, or Beverly Hills Supper Club fires, anyway?

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    The problem with common sense, is it isn't.
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    whenever I go to unfamillair places I always look for sprinklers, extinguishers, exits etc. I think the bottom line is that no one thinks it can happen to them.......and there also the totally Darwin-esque ones we read about. It is a shame that others dont pay some attention .........but are the first to place blame ........
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    I always thought it should be called;


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    common sense is something that most people take for granted and it is very sad to say that most of the time people windup getting hurt
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    There's this local music venue here in Omaha that has been known to voilate fire codes.. letting too many people in. They had a Fire Marshall sitting by the front door for a couple of months, then he stopped coming.. and that's when the overcrowding started again.

    When I'm there, I find myself looking around asking myself how fast 200+ people could get out when/if a fire broke out. There's still performers there who use pyrotechnics.. lighting their keyboards on fire, etc.

    Needless to say, I don't go there very often anymore.

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    For a number of years, I've paraphrased Admiral Nimitz's quote regarding the Marines on Iwo Jima.

    "Common sense is an uncommon virtue."
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    Yeah, I do check the place out for exits and the like. But imagine the problem in not only trying to sit in a safe place near two exits, but doing the cop thing and having to sit with my back to a wall with a view of the entrance. Makes my wife nuts.

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    man george, you are a complicated person!

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