Thread: Mack Demise???

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    Angry Mack Demise???

    The rumor around the station today (11/8/2003)is that Volvo is planning to drop the Mack Truck line and name. Supposedly, by 2007 there will be no more Macks; they will be replaced by Volvos. Someone
    spoke to a representative of our local Mack dealer who said that he heard the same thing. Has anyone else heard this rumor or can confirm it? If it is true, what happens to the Bulldog, does he just move over to a Volvo hood?

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    Thumbs down Can't be True!

    Tell me it ain't so! I'll have to change my user ID. I waas weaned on a 56 Mack open cab engine company so they're in my blood! Of course the CF series was the best engine ever made (just ask FDNY to verify!)!

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    I agree with the Mack Fire Truck. We have a 76 CF, still ticking. Starts every time and pumps like a dream. Built to last and solid. It has outlasted two newer engines and may outlive a 89 Sutphen Quint.
    Long live the Macks
    I didn't realize Volvo Trucks and Mack were together.

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    There was just a big article in the 11/9/03 issue of the Morning Call the local paper for the Lehigh Valley about Volvo's plans for Mack. According to the article they have no plans to merge Mack and Volvo together. They have closed the South Carolina Plant and moved all production back to the Macqunie, PA plant. Here is a like to a small chuck of the article, you'll probably have to contact the Morning Call to get the entire thing.

    Stay Safe

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