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    Default Fire/EMS integration

    Is the Integration of Fire and EMS service a benefit? I want to hear your opinion. I am also looking for literature on the topic. I am currently a Firefighter/Paramedic ( or Paramedic/Firefigther )in a recently integrated department that is appearing to have great success with the change. There is, how ever, issues that are currently being discussed. I am looking for sound information to make intelligent decisions about the topic.

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    Oh boy, another round of this! Haha... you have no idea what you've started!! Let's try to keep this one civil, ok? No bashing-- the guy just asked for benefits!

    Fiscal responsibility seems to be a big one in my book. Look at each side separately where you have both a firefighter and then a paramedic, both costing the taxpayer a modest salary. Well, Why not pay the firefighter an extra $5,000 a year and require the job to be Intermediate or Paramedic? Now you have the benefit of cross-trained people who can jump on whatever truck the call requires.

    Job security-- that's a hot topic. Sure, it would be great to say the department doesn't NEED as many firefighters because of better technology, but is that really safe? Of course not. But with the responsibility of EMS so much greater now in the fire service, personnel are extremely important for that reason alone. Having more people available to respond is a safe way to operate, whether it's a med call or a structure.

    Training-- the fire service is up to their necks in EMS, whether they transport or simply first respond. With the combined roles of fire/EMS, there can often be much more training and motivation for such by the nature of the job. We as EMT's need the continuing education, so we do these things in our firehouses.

    Oh, I'm sure there are more benefits out there I'm missing, but our colleagues will be chiming in soon! Take care, and good luck
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    I think it may depend on the particular area, and how efficiently services are being provided now.

    My county would benefit greatly from Fire/EMS integration because there isn't enough call volume for the hospital-based provider to keep enough busses staffed, but there's enough of a demand that the FD (first responders) can wind up with pts for up to 20 min before a unit becomes available.

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    Default Re: Fire/EMS integration

    Originally posted by Rsboler
    There is, how ever, issues that are currently being discussed. I am looking for sound information to make intelligent decisions about the topic.
    What sort of issues are you guys having? Sounds like you're happy with the merger... I'm wondering what topics might be sticking points for you guys, in particular.

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    Rsboler - We are presently embroiled in a very interesting attempt to integrate fire and ems here in Ontario. I would like to find out more about your present system in order to gain more insight into this venture. Please contact me emsrbell@bmts.com

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