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    Default Capital Fundraising Companies?

    Does anyone know of companies that assist fire departments with capital (building project, etc.) campaigns? Such as helping develop and execute plan, either indirectly or directly?

    Would prefer East Coast, but anyone that knows of a decent company would be greatly appreciated.

    Feel free to e-mail dave@corp.firehouse.com or post link and any info here.


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    I wish I did. We could have used the help for our 1/4 % income tax leavy that we just had defeated. The company that did a study for the city to determine whether we should build a new station or try to renovate the old did assist somewhat by making up some 2'x3' "story boards" (for lack of better words) that tried to explain why we needed a new station, drawings, pictures of the existing ones and what is actually needed and such. I beleieve it was some architect in Columbus, OH that did it.

    Like I said, wish I knew. We could have used the help since or Mayor and 3 out of 7 city council members decided to campaign AGAINST the levy that they put on the ballot to "let the people decide". Then they even helped by putting out FALSE information to go against the FACTS we wee putting out.

    Sorry about going off on a tangent. If someone has the info, I could use it also, if possible.......

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    There are portrait companies doing door to door on behalf of individual fire depts. They come around about this time of year to sell family portrait sittings with a portion of the initial sale going to the dept. The company makes their money on the additional sales when the proofs come in. A couple of neighboring depts have generated $4-6k in the past doing this. We have not tried this, but have not heard any bad reports from those that have used them. I think one of the companies is named Excaliber. Sorry I don't have more details from first-hand knowledge.

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    Im interested in knowing that too WEBTEAM...but my preference is for West Coast and budgeting campaigns for Independent Companies.
    I figure if I can get away from trying to get funding from the Community...Wed be alot better off and we can serve them better with better equipment simply becuase most ppl here cant afford the "proper" fire/med protection so we make due with what we presently have until I or WE can find ways in doing better.
    Basically what im looking for is a "go around the ppl" aspect and find budgeting.

    Donna C
    Fire Chief
    Bridge Canyon VFD

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