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    Default traffic tickets and the hiring process

    Can anyone give me some feedback on a situation that has me very concerned. A couple of years back I had a bad year in terms of speeding tickets. I know that these are frowned upon in the hiring process and may completely keep you out,...but is there some way that I can approach a department now that I am an EMT and state certified firefighter with excellent references and recommendations?


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    I would kinda like to know myself. I just recently got a speeding ticket. It was actually on my way to a physical agility test!

    My offense was minimal, but enough to get stopped and ticketed. It started as a $75 fine. My brother is an attorney, he helped me get 90 days supervision, which in turn would erase the offense from my record. That cost me an extra $75.

    I havent received my final results yet, but I am confident I did really well and a background check will be coming soon. The FD I tested for is my dream job. I hope a speeding ticket doesnt cost me the job. Hopefully, my 10 years of outstanding service in another career dept. will keep me out of hot water.

    bob fields

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