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    Default School Paper

    I am doing a research paper for a class. I have not been able to come up with a topic that is related to the fire serive any help would be great.

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    The Evolution of PPE and how it affects firefighting operations

    The fire service after 9/11

    EMS and the fire service

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    Default Paper

    Technical Rescues of the Fire Service and or Hazardous Materials:

    Rope Rescues (High Angle / Low Angle)
    Confined Space Rescues
    Motor Vehicle Extrication
    Underwater Rescues
    HazMat Awareness, Operations, Technician

    The Incident Command System

    The list is unending.
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    What is the class?

    One of the most fascinating topics you will ever research is "Fire Related Human Behavior". There is tons of stuff out there on this.

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    On a similar note to George's reply, I did a paper for an abnormal psych class once on arsonists -- very facinating. Tweaked it a bit and used it again for another class (and uni.)....

    I have found that if it's not a "fire science" class, anything is usually good because you're educating others. I did most of my grad school papers (which were usually presentations) on topics in the fire service (political science major) and I always had everyone's attention because it was something new to them.
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    yea depends on the class, i would write something on the politics of the fire service, paid vs volly ( plenty opinions in here )), PPE evolution is a good one too, EMS/Fire service, Volly EMS service, Evolution of the Fire truck, truck color and other associated elements and how they impact the public and how they impact visualy... why slime green was a fad, and yellow well... and why red is the best , plenty of good things to check out depending on the class.
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    Default LODD

    There's a more sobering topic out there, not as enjoyable as some-- line of duty deaths, both for the fire service & EMS. There's the national firefighters memorial & national EMS memorial service. Good luck with topics!
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    I just finished one on the affects of dehydration on firefighters as a cause of LODD involving heart attacks. It was one of the most informative papers I have ever written. Other topics I have done include RIT teams, Trench rescue, emergency driving. My email address is, if you want I can send you some of the research on anyone of those topics. Good luck. Your best bet is to do it on something you enjoy, it will make the research that much more enjoyable to do.

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