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    Default Hose Question

    Just curious what hose other departments are using in their "high rise / standpipe" kits?

    We are re-evaluating our current hose, so I thought I would put this out for discussion.

    Some of the things I'm curious about are:

    Manufacturers name
    Approximate weight
    and how well it works

    In addition, we received a sample from "Key" Fire Hose Corporation. I had never heard of them before, so I was wondering if anyone has anything good or bad to say about their hose.

    Thanks in advance

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    Yoa WRFD if ya get anything good on this thread let me know cuz we are putting some hose packs together for industrial fires, school fires, and apartment complexes and we sure could use any help we get.

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    Default High rise packs

    We purchased a couple of Milwaukee Strap Gripper Hose System packs. They advertise on I think, they are also in different catalogs. They are about $95 each. We set them up with 100' of 1 3/4 with nozzle, gated wye and a 10' section of 3". We tried them with 150' of 1 3/4" but they were too bulky. We have them on our engine to use either with a standpipe or on a long stretch into one of our schools. We have 300' of 3" in a reverse lay on the engine to make a long stretch.
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    Are you looking for info on standpipe bag tools or just the hose?

    Well in either case my company almost does exclusively work in High Rise buildings, residential and commercial.
    Hose consists of:
    3- individual lengths of 2 1/2 hose(150 ft.). One with attached 1 1/8 smoothbore tip. (4th if needed)

    Stanpipe tool bag:
    -Wire brush
    -In-line pressure gauge
    -Reg. Spanners
    -Pin Lug spanners
    -Vice grips
    -Spare Wheel
    -Wheel breakover wrench
    -Pipe wrench
    -2 or three chocks
    -fittings or adaptors for problems (such as wrong threads or the valve wasn't installed with threads or they were taken out for scrap.)

    Most companies around us have something similar.

    Here is another tip regardless of your staffing. Do not make it where one guy carries the whole ball of wax. Don't make one guy the pack mule for the climb. If he does make it to the top without a heart attack he won't be much good. Divide the load among all members.

    Also you should reference NFPA 14 for what the standard calls for.
    Also if you research any articles written by the late Andy Fredricks and Chief Dave McGrail of Denver FD would probably help. Check out and also look at
    I hope this helps you.

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    Good list Fred. Obviously that particular selection of contents comes from direct experience.

    Where can I see/get one of those inline pressure gauges? I haven't seen one of those in any of my catalogues, but it sounds like a good addition where the standpipe doesn't have one.

    We also recently made our first high rise packs (for smaller apt. buildings, 5-6 stories), and we have 100' of 1 3/4" rubber jacketed ultra-lite hose with a lightweight pistol grip fog nozzle, but after reading several excellent points in the other discussions on this topic, I am looking into replacing that fog with a SB or combo nozzle (we'll talk about that 2 1/2 hose later ).

    We've only got the basics like wedges, spanners, and adapters in it right now, but the vice grips and hammer sound like a good addition as well. Our bag also holds an axe, and since we don't have to go more than 5 or 6 stories, is not a big problem to be carried up by one man as is. It does have handles on the end so two people could carry it as well.
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    My old fd used 100' of 2.5" with fog nozzle.
    Sadly in the whole department we have not one smoothbore nozzle.

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