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    Default Paratech USAR set..

    Apparently paratech has a set they market which is called or referred to as the USAR set. I am curious if anyone out there has purchased it, and if so, how many of what size shores are included?

    Will it all fit in a single well designed compartment of a heavy rescue?

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    US&R Rescue Strut System Consisting of: 4 12" Struts, 4 18" Struts, 4 24" Struts, 4 36" Struts, 4 54" Struts, 4 116" Long Shores, 4 12" Strut Extensions, 4 24" Strut Extenstions, 4 36" Strut Extensions, 2 Dual Deadman Controllers, 2 Piston Type Regulators, 4 Load Cells, 30 Swivel Bases, 30 Rigid Bases, 6 32' Yellow Air Hoses, 2 Complete 6' Deployable Raker Systems

    Light US&R RescueStrut System Consisting of: 2 12" Struts, 2 18" Struts, 2 24" Struts, 2 36" Struts, 2 54" Struts, 2 116" Long Shores, 2 12" Strut Extensions, 2 24" Strut Extensions, 2 36" Strut Extensions, 15 Swivel Bases, 15 Rigid Bases, 1 Dual Deadman Controller, 1 Piston Type Regulator, 2 Load Cells, 3 32' Yellow Hoses, 1 Deployable Raker System

    We have the full set on one of our trucks and it does take up a large section of the compartment space, the struts alone take up a compartment thats approx. 5' high x 8' wide x 4' deep, the rest is packed in containers that are 2'x 2'x 2' approx.

    Hope this helps..
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    Default Airshore

    Airshore has a similar package that is also set up to do 2 raker shores. We have tried both out in Pennsylvania, personally I like the Paratech a little better. I believe the sets are around $11,000 for a pair of shores for either system.

    If you look at either set you might want to look into what other accessories you get with it. If you are going to pay that much for a something like this I am sure you will want to be able to it for other applications. I know that Philly Rescue 1 likes using them for quick spot shores, plus they have applications in vehicle rescue. I am not sure that what you get with the kit to make them work for other applications.
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