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    Default Defending exposed dwellings from Wildfire in the Urban-Wildland interface

    FF save lives and that is good. Property is another story because there are more dwellings than FF to defend them. Also, many simply don't have the minimum available water to warrant triage when FF choose which dwellings can be saved. Your vote in this poll is greatly appreciated; maybe you'll be saving a life...or home.

    How about external sprinklers for dwellings located in the Wildland/Urban Interface? I look around on the web and see two things: fire boards saying it isn't feasible and isolated cases where people have built external fire defense systems of varying designs. These types of systems are being used effectively in Australia and New Zealand and even in the US in isolated cases.

    Interestingly, I've found 100% success with three different designs. -The most notable being the Lodge at Old Faithful in Yellowstone and one very recently in CA during the recent firestorms.

    I can't find a documented case of an external system that failed and let the dwelling burn. Have you seen: uses? failures? successes?

    Please vote or post your opinion on whether external sprinklers would mitigate wildfire exposed dwellings in the urban interface where NFPA 1231/1921 has been implemented.

    Here are some of the conditions and components to work with that I've found in some of the above mentioned designs. Please comment on what you think is effective/ineffective...

    Fire Intensity 500-2500kw/m^2
    Ignition prevention methods: Cooling flame and fire plume, oxygen displacement, radiant heat attenuation.
    • Water Cistern that meets the NFPA 1231 minimum available water supply for the dwelling with 80gpm 80psi fire pump that is NFPA 1921 compliant
    • Shutters contructed from fire ceramics/plastics to cover dwelling closures (same materials as personal shelters)
    • Passive foam application covering the entire defensible perimeter of 90ft. Non aspirating foam sprinklers in two radius' 30' 90'. Foam blanket on roof and cladding of dwelling
    • fusible links to change sprinkler configurations throughout perimeter
    • NFPA 750 compliant water misters around eves of dwelling and on critical structures such as decks.
    • radiometer controlled 60gpm directional fog nozzle for last ditch defense in 2500 kw-m^2 conditions
    • Winward-Leeward sprinkler controllers in winds of 50-80mph?
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