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    Default How to build a haz mat truck

    Hello everybody! I'm a lieutenant for the Quebec City fire departement in Canada, currently working on the haz mat compagny. We are beginning the process to purchase a new vehicule. Some people in our departement want a tractor-trailer combination and some other want a "walk-in rescue" alike truck. I would like to have your opinion about this subject. Wich kind of truck seem to be the best? Do you work with tractor-trailer and what comments can you give me about that? Do you think that a tractor-trailer is the best or do you think that a "Rescue truck" is the best? Any other comment would be welcome.

    My compagny respond to an average 2200 call per year. We go on haz mat incident but we also respond as part of fire response in the vast majority of our city. We have a lot of narrow streets, lot of snow in the winter.

    Waiting for your comments. Can you also join with it, the kind of truck you use for haz mat and the city where your work and some infos about your departement( staffing, numbers of runs,etc.)

    Thanks a lot; Eric Savard, Quebec City, Canada

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    Bonjour, mon frere...

    Peut-être vous devez examiner ce que le Massachusetts les équipes de tapis de haz de l'état ont. Il y a 6 districts de hazmat dans l'état, chaque district a une unité d'Opérations Tactique, qui est la poste d'ordre. Il porte le equipmwent de communications, les mètres, la station de temps, les bases de données informatisées, la télévision contrôlant l'équipement etc. Chaque district de hazmat a deux camions d'équipement qui portent les procès, l'engrenage de décontamination, l'équipement de spelcialized, SCBA etc.

    In english...

    Hello my Brother...

    Perhaps you should look into what the Massachusetts State haz mat teams have. There are 6 hazmat districts in the state, each district has a Tactical Operations unit, which is the command post. It carries the communications equipmwent, meters, weather station, computerized databases, television monitoring equipment etc. Each hazmat district has two equipment trucks that carry the suits, decontamination gear, spelcialized equipment, SCBA etc.
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