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Thread: helmet stickers

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    My department doesnt allow any extra stickers besides what is given. We have the normal reflective stickers on all then adepartment helmet front sticker, We have rockers denoting rank or postion(ie:firefighter, firefighter/EMT, firefighter/ paramedic, lt, capt, chief) if you are an emt without the ff/emt rocker you get a star of life on each side under the rocker otherwise it si the station number 18, we are also allowed the 343 memorial flag and all helmets have your last name on the back.
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    Default helmet stickers

    My home town department was fortunate enough to recieve a FEMA grant which supplied the active members of our department with new turnout gear, including new helmets. With this new turnout gear came new regulations on care and wear procedures, including the adornment of stickers on the helmets. The new regulations stated that only department issued stickers would be allowed on the helmets. I am opposed to this rule. I was unaware of any problems with it in the past. I never heard complaints from anyone, public or officers. The members of the department were not tacky or lude. The majority of the stickers were stars of life, shamrocks, 9-11, W6 and the occasiona crossed irons. Unfortunately, these new regulations were not passed through the proper channels and was never actually approved by any governing authority (its a long story, but the proper channels weren't followed). Therefore, in protest to the rule, I have chosen to place a star of life and a W6 sticker on my helmet.

    I don't feel that the sticker inhibits anyone's ability to do their job. I don't feel that it makes anyone "cooler" than anyone else. I personally disapprove of tacky/lude/offesive stickers. I feel that placing stickers on your helmet is just a small way to personalize your gear, just so long as your helmet doesn't look like a billboard.

    I'm sure there are those out there that disagree with what I may have done or said. This is my personal opinion. As long as the stickers adorning the member's helemts are not offensive/lude, then it should be a moot point. It seems to me there are far more important issues that need to be addressed within the fire service, especially within my department.

    Just my two cents. Stay safe.
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