Firefighters cited for bravery in saving students

(Columbus-AP) -- Three college juniors who were pulled from a
rooming house fire that killed five others near the Ohio State
campus in Columbus sere present when their rescuers were honored
for bravery last night.
Twenty-year-old Jennifer Lehren, a student at Ohio University in
Athens, said she will be forever grateful to Lieutenant Michael
Burnheimer and firefighters Scott Kulpa and Brian Morstadt.
The three received the Medal of Valor -- the Fire Division's
highest honor -- for running into the second floor of the fully
engulfed house -- without a hose -- to save the three.
The other two rescued students were Jillian Gardner, who also
attends Ohio University, and Joshua Patterson, and Ohio State
student. Both are 20.
Three other Ohio University students who were visiting and two
Ohio State students who lived in the house died in the April 13th
fire, which has been declared an arson.
No one has been charged in connection with the fire.

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