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    Default Hartford Firefighters contract on 20/20

    ABC's 20/20 conducted numerous interviews with local representatives of the National Volunteer Fire Council, local town managers and local firefighters in the Hartford (CT) area to discuss the recent Hartford Firefighters contract with the city. The contract forbids career firefighters from serving as volunteers in their home communities during their off-duty hours.

    The story will be aired tonight, Friday (11/14) at 10 p.m. EST (Check your local listings).
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    CT FIREnews

    Providing one way, direct, up-to-date fire service information via Email

    ================================================== ============

    20/20 Story on the Right to Volunteer - POSTPONED

    The 20/20 story on the recent Hartford Fire Department contract which
    forbids full-time firefighters from serving as volunteers in their home
    communities, which was set to air this evening, Friday, 11/14 at 10 p.m.
    EST, has been postponed.

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    Default Whats the big deal?

    People are acting like this is the first contract that has this language. I can think of quite a few here in Chicagoland that say exactly the same thing.

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    MIKEY -

    Amen bro! A lot of this has to do with the local newspaper thinking that they have a story in this. Many of the paid departments that border Hartford have the same agreement, but the media doesn't want to discuss those. That must be because no vollie chiefs in the area are crying about those departments.

    And this senator...just trying to get his name in lights if you ask me.

    The same topic is going here as well:

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