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    Default What to do? What to do?

    I'm a new lieutenant and given my age (19) I've had to work hard for everything I've gotten and earned. Recently we had a smells and bells call and I was the officer on the first out engine, my friend was the driver, Chief got on the scene told us to come in Non Emergency but he continued to go Hot, I repeately shut off the siren but it would lean over and turn it back on, After the incident I asked him why he felt that he didn't have to listen to me, he replied "Come on you remember how fun it is to Lights and Sirens don't you?", My question is how do you address this without trying to make it sound like your forgetting everyone who helped you get where you are?
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    You're an officer. With that comes the responsibility of being one. Many times, it isn't pretty or fun, but necessary.

    If anything, you may not get the respect an officer should have if you treat everybody with kid gloves. If something wrong happened, address it, fix it, and move on. I

    Hope this helps. Good luck!

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    Firstly, you need to nip this in the bud. If you do not establish your authority, your rank will never mean anything. That doesn't mean you have to be an *****, but you must deal with the problem firmly and fairly.

    Don't second-guess your decision to run non-emergency. Regardless of your age, your good judgement is part of what got you the rank over your peers.

    You do your friends a disservice if you allow them to screw up.

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    Orders is orders.

    In the truck, and on the fire ground, what you say goes, unless it will endanger lives.

    Get that very clear to your "friends" at the station.

    There is no room for anyone that will not move quickly to follow orders on a fire ground.
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    The problem isnít with you, itís with him. He was ordered by you and the chief respond normal traffic. He chooses to ignore his orders and do otherwise. I would have a chat with him before he ignores orders dealing with a more serious situation.

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    I had a problem with one of my friends when I was made Sr FF. I just sat him down in the office and I gave him the "low down". I told him when I make a decision as the OIC his job as a FF is to obey it unless he thinks that his or someone elses life is in danger and then he needs to voice his concern.

    After our talk I have not really had a problem.
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    Agree with the others.
    Nip it in the bud.
    We don't run hot for fun.
    If he want's to challenge your authority again, you expect him to do it in the Chief's office, not the cab of the truck.

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    Remember first and foremost you are the officer. If anything happens, like an accident, it's on you ultimately. The time to be friends is not in the cab of the fire engine going on calls.

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    Default 2 cents...

    Sounds like you are now crossing that bridge from
    "Friend/Co-worker" to "Boss/Non-buddy." I know
    it is a hard pill to swallow.

    Remember these-

    -Clearly communicate what you want.
    -Stick by your wishes, if you fold easy, the crew
    will know it and pick at it. (in other words, be
    -Set the good example, NO horseplay to trying to
    hard to be their bud. Stand tall and hard on what
    you want and they will warm up to you when they
    know where you stand and "thats just the way it is
    going to be."

    Later, Bou

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    Although you were the officer on the apparatus with the driver in question, according to your recap it is an issue for the chief to address(of course he's probably going to chew your butt first as the officer on the rig ) The bottom line is he gave an ORDER to proceed non-emergency and your driver refused. Yes you are the witness and will have to rat him out when the chief asks why his order was ignored, but in theory he refused an order from the Chief (#1 in charge) plus went against you in turning the siren back on. Sounds like the talk to him friend-to-friend fell on deaf ears. Might be time for a sit down with the Chief, yourself and the driver.

    Ohh the joys of being an officer! I am finishing my first year as Lt. and I can tell you in my experience the beginning was tough but don't back down, don't let the "non-conforming, we've always done it that way" gang bring you down. If they see a nick in the armor they will go after you. If you know you're qualified to be there and can do the job, then do it and everything else will fall into place. I can tell you that today it is much easier for me than it was back in January or February.

    Stay Safe!

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