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    Default Rural Metro pulls out of Scottsdale

    Rural Metro has announced it will no longer provide fire protection for Scottsdale, AZ, as of 2005. Pretty interesting that the city supposedly serving as a model for private fire departments cannot support a private fire department. But not surprising.


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    Eh... Thanks for the heads up, but you're a little late.

    Here's the thread that CaptainGonzo started on the 13th:
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    Question Just curious

    Being a newbie to the fire service, What is the source of the apparent animosity toward Rural-Metro? People seem almost giddy that they are pulling out of Scottsdale.

    R-M seems to allow union representation. They may not like it, but I guarantee that none of the municipalities with unionized work forces enjoy it either.

    As far as quality and dependability of fire protection, as long as it is up to the NFPA standards, and deemed adequate by the public, and is cost-effective for the city what is the problem with privatized fire protection? Can it be any worse than SanDiego's plight?

    If they give crappy benefits, that's life in America- my employer "enhances" my benefits almost every year. My only option is to suck it up or seek employment elsewhere.

    Anyway, I'm coming at this subject in complete ignorance, and would enjoy being enlightened.

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