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    Default I'll Bet We All Wished For This In High School

    I did receive an honours grade for a couple of assignments that the teacher claimed he "read, but seemed to have mis-placed" (although they were never turned in.... ) However, I was never granted passing grades for lack of attendance.

    Student earns 'A's without attending classes

    Associated Press Thursday, November 13, 2003

    SANDY SPRINGS, Md. -- A Montgomery County high school is investigating how a student received "A" grades in two classes even though she never attended the school.

    Lauren Lee, 14, who attends a private Catholic school, was sent a progress report saying she was earning an "A" in an honors geometry course and in physical education at Sherwood High School, a public school.

    Lauren had attended Rosa M. Parks Middle School and her records where sent to Sherwood. That's apparently where the mix up started, said county schools spokesman Brian Porter.

    A computerized list of students and grades is used to generate the progress reports. Teachers manually enter the grades from their own books of scores into the computer.

    Although the teachers who assigned a grade to Lauren knew she wasn't in their classes, her name kept showing up on a computer list that recorded the grade, which was sent to Lauren's home, Porter said.

    "It's certainly rare," Porter said. "It's not something that I've heard of happening. It's just a confluence of mistakes. Everybody at the school is pretty embarrassed by it."

    Exactly how a grade ended up by her name on the computerized list is still under investigation, Porter said.

    Lauren's name also showed up for a physics class and an art class. She received an incomplete grade in physics and an "NC" in art, which means the course is a noncredit class. "The school has undertaken a detailed inquiry because it does reflect on the reliability of its grading and reporting system," Porter said.

    School officials plan to be more careful in making sure computer lists of enrolled students are up to date, Porter said.
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    So does this mean that my school could of messed up my grades too?

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    Never worried much about my grades...now if the cheerleaders would have accidentally been sent to my house.....

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    Iíve had a class where my teacher asked what I wanted her to put in the computer. We must have looked like people at a flea market haggling over prices.

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    I remember once making a deal with the teacher that if I was getting an A for the whole class (math), how about I skip the final. She thought for a second, like "Hey, that's one less I have to look over." I got the A, and I skipped that day! Life is good. I'm with E23 though, as I would have gladly coached the cheerleaders! No such luck.
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