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    Default The Phone Call...

    Hey All,

    I am the primary contact for our dept's grant. I figure I will be the one to receive the PHONE CALL. Let me ask - Do any of you know how this call shows up on caller ID? Does it say "out of area" or "Washington DC" or what? I have gotten a few "out of area" calls in the past couple of weeks and that is unusual (all my bills are paid!). We have not gotten 7 questions or 1199a so should I even expect a call yet? Let me know what you know...

    Stay Safe and God Bless,

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    If I remember right, my call came from Senator Harkin's office in Des Moines, Iowa. It showed up on the caller ID as United States Government.

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    Default Phone Call

    We didn't receive a phone call, at least from a Goverment offical. Our phone call was a townsperson who read the award announcement in the paper and asked what it was for. We received the letter from FEMA a little later. Was supprized the Senators didn't want any free positive PR but no dog and pony show. The moral of the story is don't wait for the politicians, just keep an eye on FEMA announcements.
    Ralph Connor

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    From our experience over the past 2 years... The questions come first via email and the award phone call as a courtesy from a senator or representative's office. In 2002 it came from the rep's Washington office and this year it was from our senator's local office. FEMA/USFA then issued the release with award recipients. This year we got the questions on 11/4 and the "award" phone call on 11/12. It was released to the media,etc on 11/13 or 11/14 by FEMA. Good luck!

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