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    Default help with blackhawk porta power

    First of all greetings from beautiful Monument Valley Arizona. I am the former Fire Chief of a Volunteer fire dept on the Navajo ndanceIndian reservation. I turned my white hat in about 4 years ago. Well lets just say a few things have happened since I,ve been gone and well lets just say organization and current fire fighting knowledge are not in abundance while fortunatly enthusiam and willingness to learn is and so comes my problem.
    I was asked to rejoin the dept and perform training, apparatus outfitting, and general station readiness. Of course I said no thanks all i want to do is fight fires (ha/ha) Well in my fouary through the station I found pieces in several locations ydralic to a ram tool probably hyd sections of piperalic it has Blackhawk 85510 stamped on one of the pipes and z8 on a wedge tool and z ??? on another I have never used anything like it and not having sucess does anyone have a manual, picture on setup, parts list pictures please sorry, operation wisdom , anything this is the only ram we have and the only game for accidents for about 65 miles please help.

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    Here's a link to a web page that has a set simular to the blackhawk set we have in station.


    the set we have is at least 35 years old if not older
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    If I remember correctly,Blackhawk is a unit of the SPX/OTC group.A visit to their website should either give you the info you need or a E-mail contact that will.Hope this helps,T.C.

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    Blackhawk was absorbed into the Enerpac group long ago. Check out the Enerpac website and catalog. Also, I have diagrams of various setups if you're interested. Send me a direct email, resqman@asheboro.com

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