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    Default Texas LODD--Investigation Report

    The investigation report into the LODD of a fire fighter in Porter Texas has been released by NIOSH. The report can be found at this link


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    Ok, I had a big long thing written I've just trashed.

    Because this is important to those of you reading this report to "learn"

    The single biggest factor to what happened isn't emphasized, hell it isn't even listed as a recommendation.

    Let's read a bit of the narrative:
    The attack crew entered the building through the glass double doors (Photo 1) with the charged 1 -inch pre-connect using Class A compressed air foam at about 0.6%. Upon entering, light smoke was present from floor to ceiling. The rollup door was opened as they entered and the smoke cleared somewhat...

    As soon as the nozzleman opened the nozzle, the fire increased and rolled to the left and then up and over the attack crew.

    It's pretty clear the dynamics -- heavy black smoke venting from the rear quickly became heavy black smoke venting from the front.

    The big thing NIOSH ignored, and what appears to be the key mistake made: Do not vent were you'll draw the fire towards and over your attack crews.

    Outside of equipment operation problems, outside of weaknesses in incident management, outside of questionability of flow rate...

    Do not vent where you'll draw the fire over your attack crews.
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