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    Default books for learning

    My local library has voluntered to buy some training manuals for the fire depts. and let the differant vol. fire depts in the county all use them. That way the fire depts. that can't afford them can get better and more advanced training manuals or books. Anyway here is the 64 dollar question. What are the best or really good training books and or manuals to get. and where is a good place to buy them so i can tell the library? The only training most vol fire depts get now is Intro to firefighter, SCBA, and a foresrty course. The state does offer more but the training center is 3 hrs away. So that is why we are wanting to get training books locally so we can learn more. Thanks for all you help.

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    Default books

    These are some of the books I'm using in classes for a fire science degree:

    IFSTA Esentials of Fire Fighting, fourth edition
    IFSTA Building Construction related to the Fire Service, 2nd edition
    IFSTA Pumping Apparatus Driver/Operator Handbook, first edition
    IFSTA Private Fire Protection and Detection, 2nd edition
    IFSTA Fire Service Rescue, Sixth edition
    ICS handbook

    IFSTA Stands for International Fire Service Training Association and they make a lot of books for the fire service. I don't know their web address though...

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    Default Book source...

    Here is a good source...



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    Fire Officer's Handbook of Tactics by John Norman.

    This is an incredible book, regardless of rank. The title is misleading. I would encourage anyone to read it.

    Many new guys don't read it because they're primarily interested in courses that give them tangible certificates, but I feel this book will provide an exceptional amount of real world knowledge.

    Naturally, this is only useful if Essentials has been read and is understood!

    John Norman is also a great instructor that teaches various seminars. I'd recommend seeing him if you ever have the opportunity.

    Hope this helps a bit, good luck!

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    Default Training Aids and Books

    You may also get some FREE training books and training aids from the US Fire Administration. You can order these online and they will be delivered to you free of charge.

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    If you can train on a subject, I'm willing to bet that IFSTA has a textbook that covers it -- everything from the Essentials of Firefighting to pump operations. Their Web site is www.ifsta.org

    Also, call the fire academy. I'm sure they will be happy to provide you with a list of subjects/text books that would be good for the departments in your area.

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    May I also suggest a copy of the NFPA codes and standards.

    They may not be useful for training, per se, but it would be a good way for everyone to have access to this much needed (and, IMO, somewhat overpriced) information.

    Kudos to your local library for helping out - a good use of resources.

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    Cant go wrong with the IFSTA essentials, but I question you not taking advantage of the state fire academy also. Arkansas believe it or not, has an excellent fire academy. Firefighters from as far away as Canada pay their own way to attend rookie school. If you are an Ark dept, not only is it free, but the state provides lodging and the noon meal. By all means have your library buy the books, but dont sell the short change yourself on hands on, over a three hour drive.

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