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    Default Background investigation question

    I am in the process of applying to become a volunteer. The application is very thorough and a background check is conducted. My question is about employment history. I have worked at my father's company more or less since I graduated high school 10 years ago, but I have held a few other short term jobs here and there. My question is, do I include these jobs on my employment history ? One job in particular I worked at for about 8 months and left for a better opportunity, which lasted about another 7 months until the company I worked for lost their contract and I was out of a job. Recently, I was also self employed for the previous year. Will anyone investigating my employment background be able to find out that I worked these jobs ? Also, what if I don't have the exact dates that I was employed at these jobs, since it was about 5 years ago, do I guesstimate ? What exactly are they capable of finding out during a background check ? Do they get copies of Tax returns ? Credit reports ? I am in no means trying to hide the fact that I worked these other jobs, just curious how thorough these investigations are and what they can find out and how they find it out. Thanks for any info.

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    Default Put it down

    Remember to use your best judgment when completing a background packet. If you do not put down everything that is asked for and the investigator finds out, you could be disqualified.

    The easiest way to find out where you worked is from social security records. It might not list the name of the company but the length of time you worked there. Depending on the agency and how deep the background investigator will dig, they could pull up your credit record, drivers license and DOJ file.

    You can find more on testing secrets on the job section career article section of this firehouse.com web site

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    You've got to put it all down.

    Most processes will forgive some "bad" stuff in your background, but they are very unforgiving about "lack of candor." If you'll be less than 100% truthful on an application, what about on an incident report?

    And you'd be amazed what a trained person with a computer can find out.

    Good Luck,

    Skip Kirkwood, MS, JD, NREMT-P

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