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    Default Alternate work schedules

    Seems like a very long time since anyone posted in this forum....
    My base is proposing an alternative work schedule from the 24/24 to 48/72. (48/72, 48/72, 48/48) Still has 144hrs in the pay period but gets three days off in a row.
    Is anyone working this now? Comments? Good points? Negative points? How is training worked? How is the time coded on timecards? Do all Operations personnel work the alternative schedule or just certain ranks/groups? We have 4 stations with just over 100 total department, 85+ in Operations.
    Any comments would be appreciated.

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    48 hours in a row is a tough schedule to get used to, IMHO, and I think there are studies out there about us being as sharp at hour 47 as we were at the beginning of our shift. I think on paper, big blocks of time like that look good, but I have to wonder the effectiveness of each member. For the most part, you won't see the average shift going more than 24 hours at a time. I will agree, though, that 3 days off in a row should be adequate down time. That's a tough situation to think about, and I look forward to reading others' thoughts on it too. Good luck!
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    Default Try these guys

    I worked the exact schedule your talking about, I have since moved on to a municipal department and like the 24/72 much better. I have worked the A/B or 24 on 24 off and the 48/48, 48/72, 48/72 and by far hands down the best Federal 144 hour pay period schedule is the 48/72, 48/48 I think that there are still a few installations doing it. China Lake was where I think our Model came from. Also the Watervliet Arsenal in NY does it. Get with you Union Guys. They have a book with all the Locals DSNís and Commercial phone #ís in them.
    Like I said before itís been a few years since I was federal but I can remember enjoying life much better on the condensed schedule.
    Good luck on your quest.
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    Question New work Schedule

    Here at Ft. Wainright located in the heart of Alaska, we are going to start the 48/72 schedule in early Jan 04. We are still in the process of working it out on paper and getting final approval. We still have a contingent of military firefighters, so this is the best schedule for us to have for now because of military issues. Ft. Greely is working a 72/96 and Clear AS is 72/96 rotating. Hopefully this will bring our department a lot closer and alleviate the shift wars while giving us our much needed time off especially in the summer of what little we have. Any negatives, positives our just suggestions on what works best would be greatly accepted.

    Please Email me or call DSN 353-7470 or (907) 353-7470 and ask for Brad, I am currently working out of Sta. 3

    Thanks and you all be safe.
    Brad Hoff, North Pole Alaska
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