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    Angry Request for Assitance Stolen? Missing? equipment

    Hello to all,

    On behalf of the West Shore Bureau of Fire, Cumberland County PA, I am making a request for assistance regarding a recent event at one of our stations. In the last few weeks, 11 MSA 6000 PSI cylinders were discovered missing from WSBF Station 1 in Lemoyne.
    If anyone in the area fire service, or fire supply service should be approached regarding the purchase of (or refill) of used cylinders that seem too good to be true or otherwise questionable, please contact me ASAP using the e-mail and the AOL IM account in my profile.


    Kevin Lubinsky


    Central PA FOOLS
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    Kevin Lubinsky
    West Shore Bureau of Fire
    Cumberland County PA


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    Make sure your PD puts this out as a nationwide teletype out over the NLETS system. In the TT, ask the PD's to notify any fire equipment service dealers in their area. You won't get close to 100% response, but you might get lucky.

    Also, keep watchin Ebay.

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