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    Unhappy the 7QUESTION PHONE CALL

    I have read several times that the 7 questions came via phone call. Someone please, if you can, tell me where the call comes from and possibly what phone # or area code I should be looking for on our caller ID. Too many page outs - too many phone calls missed - gotta know if they are trying to call me!

    PLEASE somebody....Help me!
    (Okay - stop your whinin')
    P.S. Already got and returned my 1199a...

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    Our questions came via e-mail, not a phone call

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    Default phone call

    We got our phone call from a grant administrator. I think they are assigned by region, so I don't think the one I talked to (I'm in Pennsylvania) would likely be the same for you. The pone number was a 202 area code number, which is DC. So I guess ours at least was at the FEMA Grants Management Branch in Washington.

    Best of luck, hope you hear soon. I got a call from our Congressional Reps office less than a week after we got the 7 questions call. They wanted to adjust the request (actually to give us more money than we asked for!) so I think that's why we got a phone call not just the questions by email.

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