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    Question Metal Halide Lights

    I've noticed more and more rigs outfitted with the new Metal Halide flood lamps from Havis Shields in both 12volt and 220v.

    I understand that they are brighter than quartz and draw less amps, but the price is pretty high.

    Are the replacement lamps expensive? Anyone have likes / dislikes? Recommendations?


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    Our new ambo will be showing up next week with them. We went down to RoadRescue in South Carolina to do a pre-delivery inspection... and I have to say they are very bright. I feel they're worth it on a smaller vehicle that doesn't have a generator, or on a larger truck without a hot-shift PTO generator... OR as backups to the AC system.

    They are $$$, and I'm sure replacement bulbs aren't too cheap. I don't have that info at the moment though. I know some other guys on here have some trucks with them already, so they'll probably beat me to it.
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    Do they have any kind of "warm up" period? Sometimes these things don't reach full brightness for a few minutes.
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    Thumbs up Metal Halide

    Originally posted by nmfire
    Do they have any kind of "warm up" period? Sometimes these things don't reach full brightness for a few minutes.
    Yes, they do. We replaced the worthless NightFighters on our Quantum with the metal halide Havis Shield lights, and wouldn't trade them. They do have about a 30 second warm-up period, so we usually cut them on when we're approaching the block that the incident is located in. At full power, they produce a very crisp white light.

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