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    Question Getting on with Phoenix FD's

    Alrighty, Here is my question followed by my story!!
    I moved up to Washington from Phoenix 7 some odd yrs ago. I have always dreamed about becoming a FF with Phoenix FD's Finest! Currently I am enrolled in the EMT-B here in Washington and will be taking the state exam on the 18th of December. I would like to further my education and possibly get a 4 yr degree as an RN.
    My question is what does it take to get on with the Phoenix fire dept? Is there a waiting list?, & what are the chances of me getting on the PFD if I have EMT/Fire Science Tech classes done?? I do know that the Pre-Req. is to be a Certified EMT in AZ, but what are my chances of getting in there with the EMT/FST outa the way? I plan to moving back to AZ real soon and would like to get all my ducks in a row first. Is there anything that anyone can recommend? All the more info I get the better!!
    Thanks to all of you that serve! We definately appreciate everything you do for us out there and I hope to join you soon some day! Take care. nTRAININGwa

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    Phoenix FD will be testing for firefighters in March of 2004. You can goto <http://www.phoenix.gov/fire/recruit.html> to find out the requirements for hiring eligibility. Having fire science classes will help as far as knowledge goes,but in Phoenix the classes wont necessarily get you the job, however getting your EMT out of the way right off the bat is a definite must. Hope this info helps you out and good luck with the testing process.

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    Default Different

    Pheonix is a different culture than most departments in getting hired. You have to know what are the current buzz words to use in the oral. Having or knowing someoneone the department helps. The last orals, they encouraged you to dress casual, and let you read the questions before you went into the interview.

    The main thing in getting hired from outside the state is convincing them you will stay.

    You can find more on testing secrets in the Career Article portion of the Job Section off the tool bar on this firehouse.com web site

    "Nothing counts 'til you have the badge . . . Nothing!"

    Fire "Captain Bob"

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    Good Luck...

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