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    Default Ohio sniper?

    It seems that Central Ohio now has someone taking potshots at vehicles. Ballistic tests have confirmed that the bullet that killed a female passenger in a car on I-270 on November 25th, has been linked to the same gun that fired the round in at least one other incident.

    The disturbing part of this story is that there have been at least 10 incidents of vehicles being shot at in an area that covers maybe 4 or 5 miles of highway over the last seven weeks, but they were only viewed as "property crimes" since no one was hit until the November 25th shooting death that brought all of the other incidents to light. It seems to me that 10 vehicles shot in the same 5 mile stretch of highway over 7 weeks seems oddly suspicious...statistically speaking anyway. I travel this stretch of highway pretty often. This could get interesting.

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    Just saw this link on yahoo about the shooting situation

    Just an update

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    Expect Ohio State Highway Patrol to be heavy in those areas... they should clear away that brush and overgrowth from the freeway

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    I found it rather amusing to see the lead detective on the case pleading on television for the person responsible to "call us and open a dialog"

    Then he followed by saying "oh yeah we've gotten a bunch of tips, including names!"

    Yeah right, they don't have any more of a clue than any of us..

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