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    Default Extractor or extractor II

    Hello, my name is Randy. I am our Rescue Lt. for our vol. squad in Va. We have a set of Hurst 150 cutters. With today's vehicles, the 150's are not doing the job. I have permission to purchase another set of cutters. Can anyone tell me the advantages and disadvantages of the Hurst Extractor and Extractor II? According to the specs., they look to be almost identical. Please reply.

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    Default Extractor or extractor II

    I have tried both the tools and my personal preference is the
    X-Tractor. With the blade design it seems to be a much better cutting and for those who are replacing the old JL-150, it compares the best to it with better results.

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    I thought the X-Tractor and X-Tractor II both had the same blade style? I know the X-Tractor S has the straight blade design while the others had the curved blade design. We purchased the S style about a year ago as we had an O cutter already. What difference in blade design is there in the X-Tractor and X-Tractor II?
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